Michigan Born Local Fruits and Vegetables

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All things fresh, all things local

Whenever possible Westborn buys it’s fruits and vegetables from local, Michigan farmers. Obviously the weather doesn’t permit this year round, but that’s why we get so excited when the weather is right in the spring and the Michigan crops start rolling into the market. This year is no exception. Not only does buying Michigan help the local economy, but it’s better for the environment and it gives you are fresher, better tasting and more nutritious product.

When the Michigan produce is in our stores, you can also be confident that we have hand-picked every case of product that hits our floor. We don’t buy local just to say we do it. We buy local because we know the best farmers who have the highest quality Michigan products and that’s all that we buy.

We have a full compliment of Michigan produce items available at all three of our locations everyday so come in and check out what’s in from the farm everyday!

Michigan Cherries are Here!

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Michigan Cherries are Back!

Why are Michigan cherries better than the others?

We are one of the only markets in town with perfectly ripe, fresh picked cherries that are delivered to our stores within hours of being harvested. Unlike other cherries that are picked before they are fully ripe, our tree-ripened cherries are firmer, darker and more flavorful than anything you can buy at a regular market.

Our New Michigan Riesling is Here!

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A Michigan wine through and through.

Michigan Riesling Wine Westborn Market

Just in time for Memorial Day, our local Riesling bottled in Paw Paw, Michigan is a perfect compliment to your first big barbecue bash of the season. This limited release is available at all three of our locations for just $12.99.

At Westborn Market, we don’t just say we support Michigan products, we live it. We worked with St. Julian Winery to develop this crisp, light and refreshing Riesling and Michirondack Chairs to capture a truly Michigan attitude. Featured on the front label, the Michirondack chair is handmade in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 100 percent high-quality cedar. With its “Michigan Mitt” design, the chair can liven up your pool, deck, or patio and make any outdoor living space uniquely festive and charming.

Michigan Riesling Wine Westborn Market

Tasting Notes:

A crisp  and refreshing Michigan white with notes of honeycrisp apples, tropical pineapple and juicy nectarines. A delightful patio or poolside pounder. Try me with a slice of orange or a twist of lime. Pair with a light salad or a French baguette and a wheel of brie. Absolute nirvana.